CTFO 10xPure Gold Super-1000

Our CTFO 10xPure Gold Super 1000 is a Pure CBD Hemp Oil that is enriched with CBDa.

At CTFO, we have formulated and tested what we call “Nature’s Miracle”.
10xPURE™ GOLD SUPER 1000mg supports higher levels of CBDa for relief from Pain and Inflammation.10xPure Gold Full Spectrum CBDa Oil

CTFO delivers the future of CBD botanical science today. Our patented 10xPURE™ oil process is enriched with CBDA and includes a proprietary blend of full-spectrum and Isolate cannabinoids.


Gold Super 1,000 10xPure is available now.
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CBDa has been shown in studies to be far more effective than CBD for extra-strength relief. 10xPure Gold contains a minimum of 1000 phytocannabinoids and 6mg of CBDa per serving, per 50 serving 30ml bottle. (CBDa per serving is up to 200-600x higher than other CBD products.)

  • Serving: Take 20 drops ( approx. half a dropper full ) twice per day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • If this is your first time trying CBD Oil, we recommend the following:
    Start with a quarter to a half of the recommended dose to first see how YOUR body reacts. Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour to feel the full effects. You should also repeat this process with each new order of CTFO CBD Oil you receive; as every batch can vary.

CBDa has been found to have more anti-inflammatory properties than CBD and it has been shown to be a potent natural inhibitor of the COX-2 enzyme which blocks pain.

10xPure Gold Extra Strength ReliefLab Report 10xPURE Gold 1000




“I’ve always been of the mind that taking medication is absolutely the last thing I ever want to resort to, however after years of my hip being almost debilitating, I was grateful to have the relief that certain meds gave me. But I always knew I couldn’t live on anything synthetic like that for too long!

Recently, I’ve been taking meds daily for my hip, knees, and a super painful frozen shoulder! Then I got 10xPURE-GOLD Super 1000 and took the recommended serving the first night, then again the next morning. I cannot tell you how much I wasn’t expecting it to make any serious difference in my daily discomfort, so when the next day I woke up and remembered I hadn’t taken the medication, I was thrilled. That was two weeks ago!

I am amazed and so thrilled to have 10xPURE-GOLD Super 1000! This “magic oil” is an alternative that works, and also has so many other helpful benefits!

I’m telling everyone I know there’s a new CBD in town and it’s nothing like all the others. This product is going to blow CTFO into a whole new level of success! Thank you for sharing this amazing company with me.”

~ Michelle Howard

I write this post as a mother who can never thank CTFO enough for changing my son, Haydn’s, life! We are 365 nights seizure-free 100% because of 10x Pure Super 1000 CBD oil with CBDa 🙌🙏 He has ONLY been on this & 0 meds & has stayed seizure-free. There is NO other explanation & his neurologist told me “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it” Haydn is 8 years old & so resilient through this new journey of ours 💪 I don’t know where WE would be without this product 😪 So thank you from the bottom of my 💙 🤗

~ Jennifer Chambers

CBDa Samples / 10xPure Super Gold Testimony 11/30/2020
Our new samples are paying off. I still work 12 hours a day at another job. I haven’t had enough time to do much promoting. When the 10xPure CBDa pain cream samples came out, I ordered them right away. I carry a couple of sample packs with me daily. One of my friends tried a sample and liked how it worked. He asked me a few days later if I sold anything for the brain. He had a life-changing event recently. This has given him anxiety.
I told him that I have been using 10xPure Gold Super 1000 for my seven bulging discs in my lower back. The funny thing is that I also sleep better, and my anxiety is gone. This is true; I used to take a couple of different meds for anxiety. Not any more.
That’s all it took; I shared my 10xpure website with him and assured him that we carry a 60-day empty bottle money-back guarantee along with 3rd party lab testing of every batch.
I followed up with him today by text. Bamm! I got a customer that is also interested in the business.
Follow-ups work. Just ask if they got a chance to try the sample, then listen. God gave us two ears, but only one mouth. Make sure you listen and show an interest in people’s lives and thoughts.
Thank you, CTFO family.
~ Gene

10xpure Gold infographic

My first hours using 10x Gold Super 1000 Testimony!

Ok, I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I received my 10x Gold Super 1000 today, in fact about 3 pm. I intentionally didn’t take my pain meds at my scheduled time and was suffering at a level 10+++ (or more) as I have this crap that affects my whole body with massive pain and it’s 24/7 and invisible. Got the idea? I wanted to really put this to the test!
I took 5 drops as quickly as I could open the package, I let it sit under my tongue for a minute as I wanted maximum absorption! Mind you I’m closely mentally taking notes.
About 20 minutes later … are you sitting down? The pain went from that ugly crying 10 to about a 3!!! This girl is AMAZED! Ok so now it’s about two hours later and I took another 2 drops to see “how low can I go”!! ie. How little it will take me?
People this is so unbelievable!! To say I’m excited is an understatement!
If YOU suffer from pain and inflammation or know someone who does and it’s controlling your life then you need this too!






~Carrolle Knowles

I love the Super 1000 10xPURE™, it really works fast! When you’re three years from 70 years old and on the go, you need every edge you can get. This product is the real deal!

~ Otis Riggins

Super Gold 1000 has been a game-changer for me. As a disabled veteran, I’ve had discomfort for about 20 years. I’ve been on every prescription known to man to ease the pain to no avail unless I’m walking around like a drugged-up zombie. Super Gold allows me to walk around relief-free without drugs that have side effects. I’ve even reduced my chiropractor visits from two adjustments and two acupuncture’s a month to one each.

~ Sheila M

My 10x Pure Gold CBDa testimony

My testimonial: I went to Mexico last weekend and decided to go horseback riding. Well, there was an accident on the horse and my ENTIRE back went out. I flew up in the air and landed on his butt straddling him. It took me a while to even be able to lift my body. I had to be lifted off the horse. Since then I’ve been home in bed not being able to move much.

I’ve had my 5 yr old granddaughter for the summer so she was my little nurse rubbing my back with our CBD pain creams and roll on. I also Up’d my dose of 10x Pure 1500 & Vape which helped me sleep.

BUT, Look what arrived Right on time for my trip to Tampa to take my granddaughter home. My 10x Pure Gold CBDA. I took it right before getting on the plane and for 4.5 hours NO DISCOMFORT! I’m glad that I can now enjoy my trip and I was able to walk & shop ALL DAY!

~Angela Tinson

Loving my 10X PURE super 1000mg GOLD!!

Pain and Inflammation

When I was 18 I broke my back in the T8 and T9 vertebrae and chipped at some Lumbers to, lost my spleen, broke my sternum and ribs whilst tearing my colon and lungs!
I know, lucky to still be here, right!!

I’m grateful to still be here like 100%.

This has, of course, led to inflammation diseases, and other health complications, one of the main ones is my pain and Inflammation in my back it grounds me at times.
I’m only 32 now so as you can imagine all the rest of my life on Pharma crap! There wouldn’t be much left would there.

I’ve been on CBD for many years now and I’ve felt its amazing benefits.?

Sometimes better than others. I’ve gone from CTFO Isolate to whole spectrum (mix of both)
10x pure 500mg and now this.

Super 1000 10x pure Gold!

I can honestly say I’ve felt the raise each time and love it.

10xPURE Gold Enriched with CBDaBUT NOTHING as fast and relieving as this, o want to explain it without going too far into it, usually, it comes on a few days to weeks!

I had it yesterday and to me, it felt like it took a 500mg dose of Naproxen as we all know that stuff helps but with such unwanted side effects!!

I just noticed the pain wasn’t there as it usually would be when I and the kids were on the beach and I was walking across the rocky part with them stepping and sliding which usually kills me off but I was fine and able to still carry on with the day!!

That to me is priceless because the pain has dominated my life since I was 18years old relentlessly.

I feel like this is going to change the game for me!

Day 2 now a feeling spot on!

~ Martin Glove

“10xPURE-GOLD Super 1000” This new extra relief formula is changing my life! Already been able to replace every other dose of my strong opioid medication with 10xPure Gold. I’ve also stopped taking my anti-inflammatory medication. I have a hip that’s years beyond full replacement. I haven’t been able to sleep in a bed in over five years, as it’s too painful. I get steroid shots alternating from the inside hip, then the outer side. I now have bone-on-bone that gets stuck. I’ve gotten relief from the first dose! From the moment my Pure Gold arrived, I took it instead of my opioid, every other dose. I’m functioning as good or better.

I’m sharing my Oil with my 12 yr old cattle dog Zip (only 3 drops). He’s getting up way faster with his bad hips. He’s starting to want to play again… wow and yeah! Shared a few drops w others and they also felt their pain go away within 20 minutes or so!

~Lynell LaRue

CBDa ProductMy testimonial is for those interested in clear LONG-TERM results from 10XPURE 1500 and/or 1000 GOLD/SUPER CBD for pain and inflammation.

♥️On a scale of 0 to 10 [regarding pain and inflammation], I used to be a “12” (!) … UNBEARABLE, COMPLETELY CRIPPLED, and BED RIDDEN … NOW, I am ZERO: PAIN-FREE & INFLAMMATION FREE! … without ANY side effects! 10XPURE CTFO CBD is the miracle essence for sure! ♥️

I have used 10XPURE 1500 for over eight months now and started 10XPURE 1000 GOLD about 15 days ago. I stopped 10XPURE 1500 when I’ve started 1000 GOLD/SUPER. No change in my pain or inflammation since making the transition: ZERO pain and inflammation, with no issues during night sleep or stiffness in the morning. The refreshing melon taste is also great! Nice change …

In a few words about my experience with 10XPURE:

It took me FOUR MONTHS to see full results while on 10XPURE 1500mg. Hence, people do not give up if they don’t see results right away! 10XPURE 1500 replaced now with GOLD/SUPER 1000, got me from being BED RIDDEN up to April 2019, to this day, when I am PAIN/INFLAMMATION FREE. Extremely happy with my results. The key is to PERSIST in taking it and let your body respond to the product and build up in the system.

Like many others, I was skeptical at the beginning — when I was in terrible pain and inflammation and I’d not see any improvement after one month of daily intake. I’ve got to the point that I was not even able to go to the bathroom, so bad I was feeling, but I kept taking the oil. I did not give up! TODAY, about eight months later, I function as a normal person would do, and I manage to go swimming EVERY DAY for about 1hr+. It is AMAZING—considering what I have been through. I have been “dealing” with pain and inflammation for EIGHT YEARS! So, if I can be pain and inflammation-free WITHOUT any side effects … THAT is a GAME CHANGER in my book! CBD 10XPURE does that for me. ♥️


1. For those concerned with individual results: this is MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND RESULTS with the product(s). You can’t guarantee it will do the same for you. EACH PERSON IS DIFFERENT, hence the RESULTS ARE DIFFERENT!

2. I will come with another update on how it works in comparison with 10XPURE 1500 in about one month from now.

~Laura Paris

Gold Super 1000 10xPure

10xPure Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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  1. Here is my story…. 2 very bad bone on bone knees & diagnosed with AS=Ankylosing Spondylitis (incurable), that makes spine curve/ slouch. I don’t have that yet, but the real pain hit me like a brick, — reaction is a “Sciatica” from the spine affects whole leg butt to feet. I am 80 and have managed 2 knees that require replacing pretty well, but I say NO surgury. I do take lots of supplements. But this pain was excruciating and could barely stand up, less walk. I was shocked! Felt like I would now be wheel-chair bound. So into the cupboard: I had CTFO CBD 10xGOLD and never took it. Took it under tongue and back to the couch. In about an hour, I felt a difference. By the end of the evening, I could limp around and by next morning, it was REALLY going away. I could not believe this! I mean this pain was like a lightning bolt running up and down my leg. Unbearable!! I cannot say enough for this fast relief that was really unexpected. It worked quick. Well, that was last week and here I am re-ordering the same thing to keep on hand and pushing my partner here with severe shoulder pain to take it. I am so– amazed! Nothing has ever worked this fast – nothing, even though I am on lots MSM. Its a miracle in a bottle!

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