CTFO is now offering a complete Fundraising System specifically designed for Non-profit Organizations, giving them a new opportunity to fundraise.

CTFO is an online health and wellness company offering patented and exclusive products, with a mission to improve people’s lives and overall wellness.

This is digital fundraising done from the convenience of any smart device, or computer. Quality health and wellness products are delivered to your customer’s door.

Non-Profit Organizations boost their revenue while offering quality products to their members at wholesale pricing.

CTFO’s Fundraising Program allows Non-Profit Organizations to build a community of members who enjoy CTFO’s products while earning a portion of each sale.

Why is CTFO a Good Fit for Non-Profit Organizations

CTFO has developed exclusive product solutions that really help people in a natural way. We have solutions for the following six conditions.

  1. Chronic Pain
  2. Mood & Anxiety
  3. Sleep Disorders
  4. Weight Management
  5. Skincare
  6. Immune Health
Non-Profits will get two fundraising specific back offices. One for the Organization and one for your customers! Simply sign up through our Fundraising Landing Page using the button below.

Fundraising System Benefits:

  • Organization Auto-Responders
  • A series of four Customer Auto-Responders
  • Specialized Non-MLM Website
  • Waive Monthly Qualifications
  • Automatically Qualifies Organization as Platinum
Fundraising System Infographic
Picture of Fundraising Specific Back Offices

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