May, 2021 CTFO is committed to enhance our 10xPURE™ cannabinoid acid stabilization and a new-era of product development with our partners based on over 18 months of promising personal anecdotes., a research company, reports global CBD market size projected at $39.99 billion by 2027, a 46.4% compound annual growth rate. CTFO believes a large percentage of that business could theoretically be cannabinoid acids formulated individually, together or in combination with CBD.

January, 2021 CTFO launched another industry first, BLISS – extra-strength happy containing 200mgs of CBGa.

January 2019 CTFO commissioned an Exploratory Scientific Endeavor using CTFO 10xPURE™ delivery technology to demonstrate increased absorption and bioavailability of oily cannabinoids. CTFO unexpectedly discovered that this proprietary technology also stabilized the cannabinoid acids such as CBDa.

April 2019 CTFO published the Exploratory Scientific Endeavor on their website with data showing increased absorption, bioavailability and protection of the cannabinoid acid molecules.

July 2019 CTFO launched the first of its kind product to the public, 10xPURE™ SUPER 1000 containing 300 mgs of CBDa and 700 mgs of cannabinoids.

“The launch of CTFO’s original 10xPURE™ Super 1000 brand, enriched with 300mgs CBDa, in July 2019 marked the beginning of a new era in harnessing the natural cannabinoid acid molecules for potential therapeutic benefit,” said Stuart Finger, Chief Executive Officer, CTFO.

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