The CTFO Business Opportunity is free and comes with a cutting-edge website, shopping cart, and autoresponders. The back-office business tracking system and training are also free!  You get a total of 16 Free Marketing Sites to promote the Business and Products.

Our CTFO CBD International Business Team is growing exponentially! Countries that are currently open include the USA, Canada, UK, England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Iceland, Northern Mariana Islands, and Puerto Rico.  Get your free CTFO Business

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CBD is projected to grow from $5 BILLION at the beginning of 2020 to $22.7 BILLION by 2023 – Brightfield Group. Would you want to position yourself in front of this kind of tidal wave?

Why Become a CTFO Associate

CTFO is the most perfectly positioned Network Marketing Company for massive growth right now!

“Best in Class” proprietary products that put CTFO and their Associates in a position to lead the 23 billion CBD industry by 2023.

CTFO is built to last so members can earn a LIFETIME of residual income. Those who are serious will be rewarded big time! Make no mistake, we are the next running giant in the industry, on our way to a Billion dollars in sales and 500 Million dollars in commissions paid out.

Over 750,000 new signups in the last 38 months cannot be wrong.

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When you become a CTFO Associate today there is no risk and tremendous upside. With us, you can earn a high six-figure residual income and it can be life-changing. Your earning potential is virtually unlimited and you get to work from home!


Hemp CBD Oil Business

CBD is the next multi-billion dollar industry and you have an opportunity to get a piece of that! The only question to you is will you make a decision right now or wait until the masses come in?

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CTFO Business Opportunity

Top 11 Reasons to Join the CTFO Business Team

1. CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome) is the most honest, caring company you will ever find. The owners did a lot of research to find the Best Wellness and CBD Products

2. The CBD Hemp Oil Products for Human and Pets that Work with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Join the CTFO Business Opportunity3. Only CTFO has 10XPure which is up to ten times more effective than the regular CBD Hemp Oil.
It is patented, CTFO has the exclusive right and now has ownership in the manufacturing which puts CTFO 3 yrs ahead of all competition.

4. One-of-a-kind unique pay plan and patented which pays out 100% of the CV.

5. Owners get paid the same as Associates.

6. Join for FREE and start earning a commission with no out-of-pocket cost.

7. Put your order on auto-ship and save 5% on your orders.

8. CTFO has an excellent support team willing to help answer all your questions.

9. After you join today, you too can start offering a free wholesale turnkey CBD and Wellness Product shopping club.

10. I am here to help anyone that joins our team, to reach their goals. Michael Thompson

11. Unlike almost all other companies, CTFO has Regulated Products in Europe, purchases, and payments in Euros, a huge breakthrough in one of the fastest-growing companies worldwide.

CTFO Business Opportunity News

CTFO just brought on a New President ( Kevin Fournier) to lead the Company on 5/4/2021

The fundraising System is now available. Non-profit Organizations now have an opportunity to fundraise through CTFO


List of New Products Announced January 16, 2021, are ready to purchase. 

  • 10xPURE GOURMET COFFEE without the CBDa (Black & Latte)
  • BLISS extra-strength happiness with CBGa, your shortcut to elevated mood, reduced stress, and anxiousness while calming fear.
  • The Exfoliator exfoliates, soothes, softens, and reduces inflammation but also leaves you with a fresh layer of skin that is smooth, supple, radiant, and healthier.

The new sampling system has recently arrived to help take us to a Billion Dollars in Sales. 

The premier marketing system is adding SAMPLES of CBDa Cream, 10xpure Coffee & the NEW Exfoliator

The following  items will put CTFO into MOMENTUM
  • Hands down the most Lucrative & Fairest Compensation Plan in the industry. Built for Everyone & Everyone to reach their goals.
  • Whether you want to make a few hundred, few thousand, or tens of thousands of dollars WEEKLY, CTFO offers YOU the opportunity to do so.
  • Free PSPs (Profit Sharing Positions)

CTFO is now Paying Members Rank Bonuses

CTFO Associate Compensation PlanNot only does CTFO offer the fairest and most lucrative compensation plan in the industry, but they have also just added even MORE MONEY. Below are all one-time bonuses YOU collect as you rank up. These bonuses are in addition to the NEW TEAM PACK Fast Start & Matrix money that will help everyone to get to these levels faster and put TONS of money into associate’s pockets.
Here are the new rank-up bonuses:
5k Exec Manager pays you $500
10k Exec Manager pays you $1,000
15k Exec Manager pays you $1,500
25k Vice President pays you $2,500
50k Sr. VP pays you $5,000
100k Exec VP pays you $10,000
Presidential Director pays you $25,000
The goal is to reach 5 Million Wholesale Product Buyers

Advanced Compensation Plan Training is a Must-See

CTFO Compensation Plan Doc

Disclaimer; Income is based on individual efforts. However, it is not guaranteed or implied. The examples shown are for illustrative purposes only and are not meant to convey what will or is going to happen with your business.

The 7 Different Ways We Get Paid

  1. Retail Mark-Up
  2. Unilevel Pay
  3. Regenerating Matrix Pay & Profit Sharing Positions
  4. Infinity Bonus Pay
  5. Discounted Packages Fast Start and Team Pay
  6. Rank Advancement Bonuses
  7. Top Gun Company-Wide Bonus Pool

The Timing of our Opportunity is remarkable right now and is getting close to mass momentum. This is why it is important to take advantage of this window of opportunity right now.

How much income your business produces will be completely determined by YOUR commitment of time to three simple but crucial activities:

  1. You will want to personally, enjoy the health benefits of the products. This makes the products easy to share.
  2. Share the Hemp-Derived CBD and Non-CBD Health and Wellness Products daily. Share the CTFO Business Opportunity with others daily.
  3. Follow up with your sign-ups.

Invest your time daily in these activities, and you will be “in business” and on your way to achieving your goals.

CBD Business Opportunity

The CTFO Business Opportunity Advantage
– Free Sign Up
– 100% of CV is paid out (full transparency and reports showing every order)
– Highest Quality Products on Planet Earth with Science and Lab Reports to
back it up
– Over 80 products and more to come
– Weekly Pay
– Fairest and most lucrative compensation plan ever created (Copyrighted)
– Founders get paid like everyone else
– To reach the highest position in the company a member-only needs to have $47.47 of Personal Product Volume
– Get paid without ever having to order
– Exclusive and Patented Products
– Beautiful & Free Marketing Site
– Over 20 countries and more to come
– Founders who are honest, transparent, and have HUGE HEARTS
– The most robust back office in the industry with an incredible training platform and endless reports

Michael Thompson
Your All-In CTFO Associate!

CTFO Associate - Michael Thompson

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