We are revolutionizing anti-aging with our newest breakthrough product, GlutaMyst ™, a Glutathione supplement and cellular nutrition blend. CTFO has cracked the code with breakthrough innovation and is years ahead of Glutathione Pills, Powders, Patches, or Liquids you need to Swallow.  Glutamyst is Not a Precursor; it is pharmaceutical-grade glutathione.

Unlocking Cellular Health: The Role of Glutathione in Boosting Immunity
The cellular level lies at the heart of the human defense system. To fortify our immunity, we must start from the very core—the cellular level.
It’s widely recognized that many ailments stem from cellular dysfunctions, often labeled as diseases. These disruptions in cellular harmony lead to various health challenges. However, we pave the path towards physical well-being by addressing cellular health.
Enter GlutaMyst – in the realm of cellular health. Harnessing the power of Glutathione, it serves as a guardian angel for our cells. Glutathione, often hailed as the body’s master antioxidant, is pivotal in detoxification and immune function.
GlutaMyst goes beyond conventional supplements, boasting 100% Pharmaceutical Pure Medical Grade Glutathione. Its revolutionary formula is enriched with a proprietary blend of 60 cellular nutrients. This potent Myst ensures comprehensive cellular nourishment, empowering your body’s defense system.
One of GlutaMyst’s most remarkable features is its unparalleled absorption rate. Within 15 seconds of Mysting, it permeates the body, boasting up to 99% absorption. Such efficiency ensures that every drop of GlutaMyst contributes to fortifying your immunity from within.
By embracing GlutaMyst, you embark on a journey towards cellular rejuvenation and immune empowerment. Say goodbye to the shackles of cellular dysfunction and embrace a life of vitality and resilience. After all, in the battle for well-being, victory begins at the cellular frontline.

GlutaMyst is Much More than a Glutathione Product

It also contains a Blend of 60 Cellular Nutritions known worldwide to assist in repairing and energizing us at the cell level.

Every cell of the body has a time frame to replace itself. Skin cells replicate daily, and brain cells replicate monthly, for example. Cells are compromised by environmental exposures, such as food and water supply additives, lifestyle choices, lack of sleep, and stressors (even positive stress). Glutathione removes the oxidation resulting from the above, and the Cellular Nutrition Blend delivers the micronutrients (the raw material) needed to support cell repair and regain optimal efficiency.

The video above is Introducing GlutaMyst.

GlutaMyst ™ is an advanced, highly absorbable, technologically formulated Myst combining nanosized, pharmaceutical grade “Reduced” Glutathione with our proprietary Cellular Nutrition Blend (60 ingredients). Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant, supports detoxification processes throughout the body, eliminating harmful toxins indispensable for proper functioning and health.

At the same time, the Cellular Nutrition Blend delivers the essential micronutrients that give the cell the raw material it needs to help heal and rebuild itself, promoting slower aging, increased energy, and improved skin turnover.

From the moment you Twist & MystTM GlutaMystTM onto the soft tissue of your mouth, you’ll LOVE how the tiny nanobubbles immediately pass into your body and to your liver in as little as 15-30 seconds with almost nothing to swallow.

Reasons to Add Glutathione to Your Regimen

  • Glutathione is our bodies’ second most abundant molecule, second only to water.
  • Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants because it not only protects other antioxidants but also recycles all other antioxidants and brings them back to life.
  • Glutathione functions as an “army general” and lends out its own electrons, allowing itself to be sacrificed while neutralizing and killing off free radicals.
  • Low levels of glutathione are present in most diseased states.

Age Reversal Micronized High-Speed Innovation

What sets GlutaMyst apart from all other Glutathione products promoted in this category today? INNOVATION & DISCOVERY

  1. Global first, cutting-edge instant “cell-friendly” end-state Glutathione (not a precursor).
  2. 100% Pharmaceutical medical grade with no fillers.
  3. The encapsulation procedure uses lipids from Germany for the same purity reasons.
  4. Cellular Nutrition Blend feeds the cells the micro-nutrients needed to help support healthy cells (60 proven trace nutrients).
  5. Nano-Sized Delivery
  6. Up to 99% Absorption (most others are absorbed less than 15%)
  7. Delivered into your body’s liver in as little as just 15 seconds.
  8. Convenient, less-expensive, portable, and delicious—4 MYSTS daily. It tastes like cotton candy!
  9. Cellular Nutrition Blend feeds the cells the micro-nutrients needed to help support healthy cells (60 proven trace nutrients).

In a world inundated with pills, powders, patches, & liquids… GlutaMyst stands as a pioneer in the emerging nutrition biotechnology & innovation space.

The Lipid nano delivery of this product is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream through the soft pallet, bypassing digestion and reaching the liver in as little as 15 seconds…. We are talking high-speed nutrition… with up to 99% bio-availability to detox your cells as well as feed and replenish them for healthy cell reproduction.


Modern science confirms Glutathione is being depleted from our bodies regularly, and even more in people exposed to oxidative stressors such as smoking, pollution, dietary deficiency, pharmaceuticals, radiation, bacterial and viral infections, and alcohol consumption.

Increasing Glutathione Levels:

  • Promotes cellular energy production*
  • Assists with healthy aging*
  • Helps reduce muscle & joint discomfort*
  • Supports immune system function*
  • Promotes liver & cellular detoxification*
  • Assists overall quality of sleep*
  • Supports mental focus & clarity*
  • Helps manage the effects of stress*
  • Promotes overall skin health*

Go Here to see what Doctors and Product Customers are saying about GlutaMyst™.

Introducing 10xPURE™ Discovery & Innovation The 10xPURE™ proprietary process takes small amounts of highly bioavailable nanosized Glutathione formulations to support raising blood serum levels naturally. This process supports optimizing absorption, potentially magnifying its beneficial effects on overall energy, vitality, and beauty.

Healthy Cells. Happy Life. The body is theoretically made up of over 100 trillion cells. Your eyes, nose, skin, heart, liver, fingernails, etc., are all made up of cells. As you read this, it’s estimated that over 3 million cells die every second and are replicated. You could be replicating healthy cells or unhealthy cells. Therefore, you could be speeding or delaying the aging process.

Transform How You Age Experience the extraordinary benefits supported by GlutaMyst ™ and transform how you age! The Top Benefits of how your life could be forever impacted by adding GlutaMyst™.

“Be a part of history!” Embrace the promise of life redefined—a life empowered by GlutaMyst!”

A list of conditions associated with low glutathione.


Q: What is the recommended serving size for GlutaMyst™?
A: The recommended serving size for GlutaMyst is 4 Mysts (0.5ml) per day. There are 36
servings of 4 Mysts/day in a 30-day supply. Listen to your body. Everyone is different.
Q: Do I need to refrigerate my GlutaMyst™ Glutathione Cellular Nutrition Blend?
A: No refrigeration is necessary. However, do not freeze.
Q: Where is GlutaMyst™ manufactured?
A: In the USA.
Q: Why formulate GlutaMyst™ Glutathione and the Cellular Nutrition Blend together?
A: This combination uses Glutathione first to remove the free radicals from the cells, then
uses the Cellular Nutrition Blend to provide the cells with complete micronutrition (which is
not available in the modern processed food diet.) This helps the cells by removing the cause of
oxidative stress (free radicals) and feeds the cells so that they may help repair the damage
caused by the free radicals. This process helps unhealthy cells become healthy cells.
Q: What’s special about GlutaMyst™ Glutathione?
A: CTFO sources very pure Glutathione that is pharmaceutical/medical grade. As a supplier, we
know this material does not contain any unknown impurities. It is 100% Glutathione with
no fillers. The encapsulation procedure uses lipids from Germany for the same purity reasons.
Q: Which parts of the body could Glutathione help support detoxification?
A: Glutathione plays a vital role in detoxification processes throughout the entire body,
particularly in the liver and within cells.

To get more info on what Glutathione is, go here

8 elements that Glutathione Nutrition Helps-&-Supports


“After using GlutaMyst™, I now have energy that lasts all day long, and my brain fog has lifted! I am able to focus and get more done! My skin has cleared up, and I already can see a difference in my complexion! I have never seen results from a product so quickly!”

Shantel W.

“I have been using supplements for 30 years, and what I have felt with GlutaMyst™ I have never experienced before. More energy, vitality, focus, and now I feel more agile when I walk. I feel changes in my skin, and I have only been using it for 12 days.”

Pepe G.

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