Xanthomyst is a proprietary Mangosteen Supplement that is Xanthone-Rich powered by 10xPURE™ technology.
Myst Innovative Proprietary Technology is not just a product; it’s a paradigm shift in nutrition, setting new standards for Absorption, Potency, and Delivery. Embrace the future of wellness with Myst – where science meets sustenance for unparalleled health benefits.
XanthoMyst continues to captivate users with its myriad wellness benefits, and an increasingly popular trend among enthusiasts is the reported weight loss experienced by many. In addition to its well-documented advantages for overall health, such as improved cognitive function, enhanced energy levels, better sleep, help with discomfort, and boosted immunity, users are enthusiastically sharing their success stories of shedding unwanted pounds.
Here are five ways in which Mangosteen contributes to weight loss.
  1. Anti-Inflammatory Defense: Xanthones in Mangosteen bring anti-inflammatory properties, targeting chronic inflammation linked to obesity. By reducing inflammation, XanthoMyst supports a theoretical foundation for weight loss.
  2. Antioxidant Richness: Mangosteen is rich in antioxidants, which can help combat oxidative stress in the body. Antioxidants may play a role in overall health and metabolism.
  3. Metabolic Enhancement: Studies suggest that certain compounds in Mangosteen influence fat metabolism, fostering efficient calorie burning and contributing to a healthy weight profile.
  4. Fiber for Fullness: Mangosteen’s fiber content brings a sense of fullness and aids digestion, indirectly supporting weight loss by curbing appetite. With XanthoMyst, the natural fiber boost becomes valuable in managing and reducing weight.
  5. Elevated Energy for Activity: XanthoMyst’s positive influence on energy levels drives increased physical activity. XanthMyst reinforces its impact on effective weight management by inspiring individuals to adopt a more active lifestyle.
The escalating number of testimonials emphasizing weight loss underscores its holistic influence on overall well-being. The accumulating positive feedback highlights XanthoMyst as a noteworthy asset in health and wellness. #XanthoMyst #CTFO #WeightLoss
Picture of CTFO,s new Product XanthoMyst
Why Size Plus Rapid Absorption Matters 
Breakthrough Scientific Discovery of Myst’s Potency & Delivery
  1. CTFO took the widely researched compound Xanthones.
    Mangosteen’s most significant active component is the Organic Compound Xanthones, which have been used for hundreds of years for health benefits. More recently, it has been one of the most widely researched phenomena on government websites.
  2. Through a 10xPure Exclusive Process, CTFO Extracted and concentrated the Xanthones.
  3. CTFO then made the insoluble Xanthone compound soluble by wrapping it in a *Liposomal Nano-emulsion, which dramatically increases potency & delivery into your body. Xanthones have been shown to have less than .01% solubility in water (the body is mainly made up of water). CTFO has made it nearly 100% soluble.
  4. The XanthoMyst Namoemulsion has been tested to be *STABLE at less than the size of 0.45 Microns. (400 Nano Meters)
  5. Xanthones within the Liposomes are up to 10x smaller, creating nearly 100% bio-availability. Single-digit or low percentage bio-availability has been the average industry standard.
  6. The Nano-emulsion droplets are so tiny they are rapidly absorbed through the soft tissue membranes in your mouth, so they are almost impossible to swallow. Even though the smaller size is significant, competitors who promote size only don’t benefit from the rapid absorption of 10xPure.
  7. CTFO placed the bioavailable Xanthones into the World’s only Mister
    Twist & Myst in your Mouth, and you will find the taste is delicious.

XanthoMyst – Breakthrough Health 2023 from CTFO

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Superior Extraction, Concentration, and Bioavailability

  • The CTFO 10xPure™ proprietary technology extracts and concentrates pharmaceutical-grade Mangosteen Xanthone compounds into a double-encapsulated liposomal nano-emulsion.
  • Deliver liposomal nano-emulsion via oral Myst™ technology directly via tiny droplets to the soft tissue, bypassing degrading digestive enzymes.
  • Offer superior potency and bioavailability at less than half the cost.
3rd party Ph.D. scientist confirms testing results, “the xanthone molecule testing amount being delivered is almost 4000 times more than two of leading competitor products tested. This is a very important discovery.”
Picture of 2 Mangosteen Fruits and one cut in half.
Three Ripe Mangosteen Fruits

Questions and Answers

Q. Recommended serving size is 4 Mysts per day. Can I do 2 Mysts twice per day?
A. Yes. There are 120 Mysts per Myster for a 30-day supply. Listen to your body. Everyone is different.

Q. Do I need to refrigerate my XanthoMyst?
A. No refrigeration is necessary. Do not freeze.

Q. Where is XanthoMyst manufactured?
A. California, USA.

Q. Why use XanthoMyst over other mangosteen products?
A. Potency, Bioavailability, and Delivery. XanthoMyst is powered by 10xPURE™ proprietary technology, making it the most potent and fastest delivery mangosteen xanthone-rich supplement with the best bioavailability ever offered in the marketplace.

Q. What are the potential benefits of XanthoMyst™
A. Each person is different and will have their own experience. Mangosteen contains phytonutrients, like Xanthones and other groups of compounds noted below, all of which have their list of studied health benefits:
✅Supports overall Health and Well-Being
✅Supports a healthy Cardio Vascular System
✅Delivers nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the
✅Supports a healthy Inflammatory Response
Inflammation is a crucial driver of heart disease
✅Supports a healthy Immune System
✅Protects your body from germs such as bacteria,
viruses, fungi, and toxins
✅Provides healthy Blood Sugar Support
✅Supports healthy Brain Function
✅Adaptogenic in nature, supports the body’s
resilience to stress
✅Rich in tannins, found to promote intestinal health

Q. What is a nanoemulsion, and why is it important?
A. Nanoemulsions are nano-sized emulsions that support the delivery and absorption of active ingredients. XanthoMyst nanoemulsion is wrapped in a double-encapsulated liposome for enhanced, water-loving bioavailability and delivery to the destination.

Q. Why 4 Mysts per day into my mouth?
A. From the moment you LOVE the way the tiny Nanoemulsion droplets are absorbed through the soft tissue of your mouth and into your body so fast there’s very little to swallow.

Q. How does XanthoMyst compare to some of the leading Mangosteen products in the amount being delivered?
A. In an independent third-party test, on a per-serving basis, the amount being delivered by XanthoMyst was shown to be over 500 times more in xantho-rich compounds compared to several leading mangosteen products.

Q. In simple terms, what advantage does the 10xPURE (TM) proprietary technology deliver?
A. Our proprietary 10xPURE™ technology incorporates this otherwise insoluble xanthone-rich botanical extract into a protective, extremely stable, water-loving nanoemulsion. This proprietary process renders XanthoMyst The Most Potent Xanthone-Rich mangosteen supplement with the best bioavailability ever offered.

Q. Are Xanthones generally bioavailable?
A. No. Until recently, only a tiny amount of these Xanthone-Rich molecules could be absorbed into the body. XanthoMyst testing has shown that the amount of Xanthone-Rich nutrients delivered is over 500 times more than leading competitors.

Q. I thought they were not bioavailable.
A. Over 500 times more refers to the alpha-mangostin xanthone, the most dominant xanthone, being delivered, but Step 2 is key. Step 2 utilizes the 10xPURE (TM) technology to create a water-loving nanoemulsion, said to be as tiny as .45 microns. XanthoMyst (TM) nanoemulsion is wrapped in a double-encapsulated liposome for enhanced bioavailability and delivery to the destination.

Q. If the XanthoMyst nanoemulsion is as tiny as .45 microns, what can I compare that to for perspective?
A. The diameter of one hair on your head is about 70 microns. The human eye can see objects approximately 40 microns or larger. You can sometimes see floating dust in the sunlight as small as 2 microns. XanthoMyst (TM) nanoemulsion is as tiny as .45 microns, supporting easier bodily entry.

Q. What are some other nutrients in the mangosteen fruit and their potential benefits?
A. Mangosteen contains phytonutrients like Xanthones and other groups of compounds noted below, which have their list of studied health benefits:
✅Xanthones: Research suggests that mangosteen
possesses potent antioxidant and healing properties
✅Anthocyanins are said to exhibit a significant
neuroprotective role
✅Proanthocyanidins: May protect the heart,
cardiovascular system, and healthy cells from their
✅Catechins: Promote metabolism and maintain normal
cholesterol and immune support
✅Polysaccharides: Promote healthy digestion and
help maintain healthy skin
✅Flavonoids: Support a number of medicinal
benefits such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory,
with enhancing neuroprotective and cardio
protective effects

Q. How did 10xPURE™ technology scientifically leapfrog ahead of an entire industry?
A. A proprietary process based on our next-generation 10xPURETM technology safely and efficiently incorporates this otherwise insoluble compound into a protected, highly stable, water-soluble, double-encapsulated nanoemulsion that supports the delivery and absorption of active ingredients.

Q. Why Twist & Myst?
A. XanthoMyst Oral Myst with liposomal nanoemulsion forms tiny droplets that quickly adhere to the soft tissue and let the nano molecules permeate more easily into your body. Oral Myst is a fast and effective method to get your daily serving of mangosteen Xanthone-Rich nutritional ingredients

Regardless of how potent something might be, if it is not bio-available, most nutrients pass through your body, and you get less benefit.
* Stable: Most Emulsions are unstable because there is a natural tendency for a liquid to separate, which is terrible because of the consistency levels on each dose. With Xanthomyst, each amount is guaranteed a consistent dosage.
* Liposomal: Nutrients are placed within a liposome. This format not only helps preserve the nutrient but can also improve absorption within the body.
* Nanoemulsion: Nano-sized emulsions are manufactured to improve the delivery of active ingredients.

Each XanthoMyst™ Myster contains 30 servings for a 1-month supply. The recommended serving size is 4 Mysts per day, totaling 120 Mysts.

Our proprietary encapsulated, mangosteen Xanthone-Rich nanoemulsion 10xPURE™ technology improves delivery and transfer of XanthoMyst™ directly into your body, bypassing the degrading of gastrointestinal enzymes in the stomach. Nanoemulsions are nano-sized emulsions that support the targeted delivery of active ingredients.

Nanoemulsion Benefits

  1. Enhanced Bioavailability
  2. Improved Well-Being
  3. More Potent Delivery
  4. Better Absorption
  5. Faster Celluar Penetration
  6. Get More of what you Pay for

10xPURE™ technology nanoemulsions are tiny droplets of one liquid suspended within another liquid. Picture the tiny droplets that form when you shake an oil-and-vinegar mixture, except these droplets are micronized to carry mangosteen Xanthones and nutrients throughout the body.

The most effective way to get nutrients into your body is through IVs or injections because you get them immediately into your bloodstream. The 2nd way used to be nanotechnology, orally or transdermal. Now, through NANO-EMULSION, you can TWIST & MYST.

Showing what the product XanthoMyst looks like.


Why Did CTFO Choose Mangosteen & Xanthones for the First Myster?   

There are more Xanthones in the pericarp, or rind of the Mangosteen, than any other source on earth! Xanthone-rich mangosteen fruit pericarp (rind) contains phytonutrients like Xanthones and other groups of compounds, including anthocyanins, catechins, and flavonoids, all of which have their list of studied therapeutic benefits.

  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Supports overall Health and Well-Being
  • Supports a healthy Cardio Vascular System
  • Supports a healthy Inflammatory Response
    • Inflammation is a key driver of heart disease (The Silent Killer)
  • Supports a healthy Immune System
  • Provides healthy Blood Sugar Support
  • Supports healthy Brain Function

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend of Extracted Xanthone-Rich Mangosteen Pericarp (rind), 10xPURETM, Lecithin, Distilled Water, Natural Flavor, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate.

Allergen Statement: Contains Coconut Oil.
Dietary Supplement
Servings Per Container: 30 (4 Mysts/day, 120 per Myster, one month supply)
Serving Size: 4 Mysts Once Per Day or 2 Mysts 2 Times Per Day

XanthoMystTM is Derived from natural xanthones, including the highly active α-mangostin found in Mangosteen Pericarp (rind); XanthoMyst provides a potent dose of these compounds. Its unique delivery system ensures high potency and bioavailability by efficiently delivering them to your body through soft tissue.
XanthoMyst shines as a beacon of innovation. Our Liposomal Nanoemulsion Technology, supported by medical doctors and genuine scientific research, is revolutionizing how we consume nutrients.


I used our new product, XanthOmyst, for three months to ensure I was not getting a placebo effect. Here is the truth from my experience. I am now off the Lisinopril blood pressure medication, and my blood pressure is stable at about 115 over 70. I am now off my cholesterol medication, Lipitor, and I am working on the elimination of my last two meds. As a disclaimer, these results are my own experience, and individual results may vary. My advice is to try the product for at least two months and record any changes to your health.

~ Nick M.

In just one month! (I did use more than the serving size on the bottle)
The ear pain on the outer ear went away in a few days. (had for months)
Sleeping on hip and shoulder with no pain within a week. (This has been a problem for years and disrupted my sleep.)
Skin is so much softer and noticeable on top of my hands, my lips, my feet, and my lower leg area. Also, I noticed my back doesn’t itch as much.
Alertness and Energy Level – I seem to be getting more done and thinking clearer.
Digestion and Cleansing are much better.
Eyesight – I went from 3.25 to 2.75 glasses.
Hair has more bounce and doesn’t feel dry anymore. I can’t wait for my hairdresser to feel it!
And with all these things happening, I haven’t had any back pain or pain from my plantar fasciitis. Also, now I see I am getting fuller much quicker when eating.
This has made me feel ten years younger, both mentally and physically.
I also took a terrible fall in my garage on concrete and seriously hurt my left knee and right chest bone, among other areas. I used extra myst, and in the morning, I was about to walk around and only felt pain if I pushed on the areas. Within a few days, it was so much better it is still hard for me to believe!

~ Anne B.

As usual, since 2017, I have been living in discomfort at a high score of 8 daily and still enduring 50-hour work weeks walking on concrete and many stairs. I am the Manager of a very busy A&W in my hometown in southern Alberta, and sitting down when my back hurts is not an option. I had recently fallen into depression as of last October 2022 and had my first panic attack in January of this year. My gosh, I didn’t know what was going on, and I thought I was having a heart attack!
I decided to try to find something natural to take as I was already taking Tylenol3, naproxen daily for pain, zopiclone nightly for sleep, and quinine for severe foot and leg cramps, which are usually at night when I am supposed to be sleeping. Every day was a struggle. When my good friend Cathy Gregory had been reaching out to me several times to take a look at something new, I had to say no as I was in too much discomfort to go over and didn’t want to be around people feeling miserable. Her words were, “This just might help your back discomfort. “I decided I had nothing to lose, and if it works as well as she says, I’ll be getting a bottle that night.
I had an extremely positive experience; within 10 minutes, my discomfort dropped to a ZERO. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t say anything for another 10- 20 because I didn’t think anyone would believe it, including myself! After listening to the rest of the presentation, Ted Wilson prepared for us. I took a leap of faith and jumped in with both feet.
I was not looking to start a new business as I’m already busy enough, but the XanthoMyst had such an impact on me I knew I needed to help more people!
In only three weeks, I’m a 3k leader closing in on 5K by helping others with their health !! I still get back discomfort on occasion after about 6 hours into my shift; I take a could myst and I’m good to go again.
Oh, and I wanted to make sure it was the XanthoMyst working, so the first night, I got brave and quit cold Turkey – No more T3, No more naproxen, No more sleeping pills, and only about once a week, I take the quinine cause those cramps are riser than delivering a baby.

~ Sherry P

^ Disclaimer: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Testimonial time!!! I’ve waited for my doctor’s appointment so I would have validation!
I have been taking our Xantho Mist for just over a month now. At first, I didn’t notice any changes, but I do know that it takes time for some folks to show results.
I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney disease over a year ago. Stage 3a. This past fall, I went on a very strict diet, eliminating many foods that can “upset” kidneys. That was the start. Many times, though, it is not reversible, even with diet.
My appointment is today! I am no longer in stage 3! My kidney function is returning to the normal range!! I am sleeping much better; my chronic pain is much lower, allowing me to resume my daily walks of at least two miles. I plan on increasing over time.
I no longer need antidepressants! Doctor approved!
I brought my mist with me to show my nurse and doctor. They are both interested and have my website info.
I have lost weight. My doctor doesn’t recommend me losing any more.
It feels like a miracle. All my stats are great, including heart, lungs, and blood pressure! I am approaching 72 years old!
~ Kathryn B.

I don’t usually say much, but I will give this a try. I’ve struggled with pain in every part of my body since 2017 and am off work temporarily from the hospital. I’ve been using Xanthomyst and other spectacular CTFO products for three months and can tell you I’m amazed! I don’t feel pain in my shoulders and knees especially. I no longer struggle with pain or sleep problems. There are other aspects of health I need to deal with, although my weight is being dealt with by Shape N Burn & Keto Creamer. Next, I’ll try the Shake. The Dermavie is diminishing fine lines. ❤️
~ Cheryl S.

I have a niece who is 61 years old! She was diagnosed with a form of dementia that was very progressive. The family was told it would eventually lead to her not remembering them, and, in the worst scenario, she would forget to swallow!
She was losing her voice, and my sister took her to speech pathologists to help exercise her vocal cords. Her effort to get words out was taxing, and you could barely hear her when she tried. The therapy she got was getting her to write her name and word association. She never did well.
I introduced the XanthoMyst about three weeks ago with 4 mysts a day!
Beginning stages, more alertness, and slightly more energy! As the weeks went by, she returned to her speech pathologist and this time she was asked her name along with her address! Her response was shocking to everyone in the room! She pronounced her name and knew where she lived!
This, folks was a miracle! However, it got even better. She got 100% on word association and another test! The Doctor asked who had diagnosed her and questioned her diagnosis! My Niece is now starting to use her voice, and people around her can hear it!
The short amount of time she’s been on XanthoMyst proves it’s only going to get better!! I thank God every day this family was open enough to try this excellent product!!

~Sherry D.

I love everything about this new product! Beautifully packaged, portable, easy to use as consistency is key for results, affordable, and oh WOW, is it Powerful!

For me: I’m calling it my MySt of Sunshine!

As I feel so great very quickly after mysting! Laughing and giggling and an extra skip in my step! My ability to multi-task and hold more in my brain is great! I sleep so deeply and wake up refreshed. And… I am noticing my body is less puffy, which excites me!

~ Donna F.

What a wonderful product! I got it on the 22nd of March, then had two sprays and then 2 in the evening. I Slept through the night for 8 hours and had no body itch, as this has been ongoing since I had my chemo last year, and no leg spasms….yahoo!

~ Eddra C.

I’ve been suffering from pain and inflammation in my left hip flexor muscle for months, causing difficulty walking, sleeping, and getting up from a chair. It was starting to get pretty debilitating, and it was beginning to affect my knee and the other leg because of nursing that sore hip. I’ve been taking XanthoMyst for two weeks and felt a difference in my hip flexor on the first day within 15 minutes! And it’s been progressively getting better daily from that moment! I am an avid walker, and yesterday, I went for my first walk in months, which didn’t cause ANY pain or discomfort! I am so blown away by this product!
^ Disclaimer: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

~ Shirley W.

XanthoMyst – A Game Changer in My Daily Routine
I have always been cautious about my health, and despite having received all my vaccinations and boosters, I finally contracted Covid for the first time. The virus severely affected my lungs, causing pain whenever I coughed. While I must clarify that XanthoMyst is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, including COVID-19, I believe it played a crucial role in alleviating some of my symptoms.
The anti-inflammatory properties of XanthoMyst seemed to have a noticeable impact on my breathing. Just a few seconds after using the mist, I felt my lungs open up, giving me the sensation of increased oxygen intake. This relief was a lifesaver during my recovery.
Thankfully, I have recovered from COVID-19, but XanthoMyst has become essential to my daily routine. Every morning, after brushing my teeth, I use the mist, and the effects are astounding. Not only do I experience a surge of oxygen, but I also notice an improvement in my mood, leaving me feeling ready to conquer the day.
*The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement or changing your healthcare regimen.

~ Allen B.

Xanthomyst has helped me sleep better than anything I have used so far.😀

~ Mike M.


Taking mangosteen might increase the risk of bleeding in people with bleeding disorders. Surgery: Mangosteen might slow blood clotting. Taking mangosteen might increase the risk of bleeding during or after surgery. Stop taking mangosteen two weeks before surgery.

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