Benefits of 10xPure Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops

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10xPURE GOLD Super CBD & CBDA Full Spectrum CTFO Oils are manufactured by CTFO and are Hydrophilic meaning they can penetrate a water barrier. This patented technology helps get CBD and CBDa to the parts of our bodies that need it most.  Our 10xPure Oil retains up to 65% of CBDa, which lends itself to superior bioavailability. 10xPURE CBD Oil has higher levels of CBDa and has been shown to support relief from pain and inflammation.

Our 10xPURE-GOLD Super 1000 is the same formula at a new lower price. Now introducing 10xPURE™-GOLD SUPER 500 Enriched With 150mgs of CBDa and 10xPURE™-GOLD SUPER 1500 Enriched With 450mgs of CBDa! Both of these new products at their low price points put us far ahead of the competition by stabilizing cannabinoid acids.

Studies show that CBDA has as many health benefits as CBD. Our 10xPure gets BOTH CBD & CBDA to areas of the body it needs to, in perfect form.

Showing the amount of CBD and CBDa in our 10xPure Gold Super Oils as well as a picture of our 3 different potencies

10xPure CBD Oil, In Recent Scientific Endeavor, has Been Shown to Maintain and Protect the Integrity of CBDA

CBDA, the natural, raw, and pure ingredient of the hemp plant, has been shown to be more effective than CBD for pain and inflammation.

“10xPURE GOLD Super CBD & CBDA” Supercharged Oil is the most exciting new relief agent for those suffering from pain and inflammation or for those who want to detoxify naturally.

The increase in the amount of CBDA in 10xPURE blends could potentially be a supporting factor in explaining why customers are giving personal anecdotes on the effectiveness of 10xPURE regarding treating their muscle and joint discomfort. Analysis of hemp oil with 10xPURE was found to contain up to 5 times more CBDA than in standard hemp oil

See the 10xPURE Document and the Science Video below.


10xPure™ CBD Oil is Hydrophilic

Definition of Hydrophilic: Having a strong affinity for water.

Since most of the human body systems are water-based, the Hydrophilic property allows CBD Oil, along with any associated molecules to travel effectively throughout our bodies.

  • 10xPURE™ GOLD Super 500 CBD Oil Enriched with CBDa
  • 10xPURE™ GOLD Super 1000 CBD Oil Enriched with CBDa
  • 10xPURE™-GOLD Super 1000 – 3 Pack
  • 10xPURE™ GOLD Super 1500 CBD Oil Enriched with CBDa

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SHOP CBD Oil consists of cannabinoids which are NOT water-soluble. The process of using Nano technology to assist in making the oil water-soluble, offered by competitors, “chops” the molecules of CBD and removes the CBDa. This process damages the molecules.

10xPure does Not damage the molecules. Therefore they are all intact and bioavailable. This is Huge and sets us apart from those who tout their CBD is water-soluble. Our Supercharged oxygenated oil is water soluble and mixes well with it. Because water is the main constituent of blood, our 10xPure process allows us to transport natural, non-processed CBD and CBDA throughout the bloodstream. This results in increased potency and accelerated absorption.

10xPure our best-selling product line is patented, and CTFO is the only Company offering this new technology! This patented process delivers the future of CBD now and gives us a remarkable advantage over the competition.

Our 10x Pure process is authentic and provides a water delivery vehicle as CBD molecules are attracted to water.

CTFO’s 10xPURE Gold Super 1000 Is Our Best Seller

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10xPure Testimonials

Between Denise and I, we have had 8 spinal surgeries and too many orthopedic procedures to count. We lived with chronic pain. Not anymore. On Tuesday & Thursday, we went to the beach and walked 7 miles on both days. We both had Handicap Placards as some days walking 200 yards was difficult at best. 10xPURE Gold Super 1500 & CBDa Muscle & Joint Relief Cream are the bomb!
Craig D.

Day two of taking my CBD oil and I have to say I haven’t felt or slept this great in a long time! No pain from fibromyalgia, no headaches, no all-over-body pain !! I felt great yesterday and today !! And our CBD coffee vanilla is yummy! Our CBD cream works so fast and stops my lower back pain! Can I say I finally found something that works for once? Yes, yes, I can and will be ordering more. Yes, I definitely will be!

– Leah Massey

Happy to share this. I have a neurological issue that results in painful headaches, feelings of pressure in the head, and sometimes seizures. Doctors have been unable to give anything that really worked. In desperation, I decided to try CBD 10x Pure drops with CBDa, as my research showed CBDa can provide benefits to what I was experiencing. Well, that first bottle is almost done, and the next has been re-ordered! For the last 30 days, and with considerable environmental factors that would have surely triggered all of the above, NOTHING! No headaches! No head pressure! No seizures! This has been a miracle for me. I’m so thankful for this product!
-John S.

I have been taking 1500 mg 10X Pure for a month now, and I love it. I have Crohn’s and Colitis. Let me tell you I can eat raw veggies and fruit. I haven’t done that in 20 years. Plus my eyesight is not all that good, but I can see a lot better, and my right ear I could not hear out of it for years. Last Friday it popped now I can hear, this Tuesday I was going to have minor surgery on my ear. I’m still going to have my ear checked out on Tuesday and tell my Doctor why I can hear out of my ear.
My skin is so much smoother, with no dry spots. The 10X Pure has done so much for me, unexpectedly.

-Janna Langum

I just wanted to share how well the 10x pure has worked for me. I suffer from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Some days the pain is so bad I can hardly get out of bed and if I didn’t have a family to take care of probably wouldn’t. I am also exhausted because I don’t sleep because the pain keeps me awake. With my 10x pure I can get up and go to work as a home care nurse then come home make dinner, clean, and when it is time for bed get a good night’s sleep. I have used many others, and this is by far the best I have tried.

-Sandra Babcock

Aching Knees and Back

I started on 10x Pure in October❣and have never looked back! Sometimes, I forget that I had aching knees and back, stiff fingers, and joints. Plain and simple, the 10x Pure 500 mg. oil is taken twice daily for 20mg CBD works for me!! Side benefits: clearer, far sight with more vivid color, a lightening of mood, and the joy of life has returned!

-Patricia Conant

Hello, all I don’t mean to spread hype but I’ve been taking CTFO CBD oil 10x pure for a little more than 1.5 years now. I haven’t been sick from a cold virus or anything. I used to get sick at least twice a year. I’m a proud user of CTFO oil products.
Note* by no means, I am not stating that CTFO oil cures viruses or common colds I’m just stating what I have personally felt and observed since I have taken CTFO oil Thank you.

-Matthew Ferguson

Joint Inflammation and Pain Relief

I am new to being an associate and new to taking CBD oil, started taking 10x pure on Saturday but wanted to share my story.

I have joint inflammation in both knees, 2 surgeries on my left knee, obesity, and a bad neck & back.

I just completed 30 mins at a heart rate of 145-151 on the elliptical and 4 squat sets at 200lbs × 12, 300 x 12, and 2 sets of 400 x 12 to close it out.

In addition, I have always been one who hardly sleeps. I have sleep apnea and would typically get 4 or 5 hours tops a night. I started the sleep spray a little over two weeks ago and now getting almost 6.5 hours almost nightly.

Thank you, Christopher and Belinda, for getting me started!

I know this is just the beginning, but I can’t wait to see how I feel after 30 days!

-Tamer Gouda

Mood Stabilization and Lowered Sense of Well-Being Relief

I began using the 500mg 10x Pure Full-Spectrum drops on Wednesday. I skipped my usual morning meds (mood stabilizers and lowered sense of well-being meds) Thursday and Friday (still taking my bedtime doses for now) just to see what would happen (Disclaimer: I am NOT advising you to do this without consulting your doctor).

After only taking a starting dose of 5 drops each morning, I feel mentally great. Last night was the first night I’ve slept through a night in months. I woke up this morning and was actually awake. I didn’t feel drugged and like I hadn’t slept like I usually do. I’ve spent time doing things that typically put those mood stabilizers to the test without issue. I spent time at a leadership conference with a bunch of people and was not anxious.

This product is amazing. No med I’ve taken in 15 years has helped like this.

This is just the beginning! I can’t wait to see what happens with time and working up to the recommended dose!

-Jamie Abrem

CBD Can Help With the Following

  • CBD helps maintain healthy blood sugar control or is used as a part of your diet to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Supports optimal cardiovascular health or function
  • Weight loss or helps promote healthy weight
  • Promotes healthy skin or provides hydration
  • Joint discomfort or stiffness associated with overuse or over-exertion or helps support cartilage and joint function
  • Helps maintain a healthy immune system and healthy lung function
  • Promotes healthy energy levels
  • For the relief of occasional sleep sleeplessness or support sound sleep
  • Promotes healthy digestion or supports optimal digestion function
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Antioxidants within CBD help neutralize free radicals, which in turn reduces the incidence of cellular degeneration or promotes optimal cellular health and functionality
  • Promotes a sense of well-being
  • Helps promote or maintain healthy immune functions



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