CBD Vape - Natural Citrus

CTFO CBD Vape Oils Have 2 Flavor Choices

  1. Blueberry Cheesecake
  2. Natural Citrus

Additionally, our CBD Vape comes with either 500mg or 1500mg of CBD Hemp Oil per bottle.

The 3 Key Benefits of CTFO CBD Vape

  1. Contains no Nicotine or THC
  2. Compatible with any refillable device
  3. Delicious Flavors


CBD Vape Testimonial

Emotional Stress Relief With Vape E-Juice

Had an argument with my husband that left me pretty emotional. Being pregnant I tend to get upset and cry easier.

I immediately got my vape pen and took a few puffs of the 500mg vape oil I bought through CTFO.

Right away I felt calmer. A little exhausted from the emotions but calm and emotions back under control.

The calming effects I felt from vaping liquid were instantaneous and I highly recommend this product.

-Kendra Poole

CTFO CBD Vape - 500

My CBD Vape Testimonial

I KNEW this 💥CTFO VAPE IS THE BOMB!💥 I just have tried the vaping, and is AMAZING! The blueberry cheesecake flavor that I’ve got smells and tastes amazing! The vaping liquid does not have the oil consistency.vIt is more liquid-based — like a light syrup.

The advantage of vaping is that CBD goes STRAIGHT from the lungs to your brain. It has a VERY FAST impact! … and I am vaping with only 500 mg. Is completely different than the sublingual oil. It also clears up the lungs. For those with lungs problems: you have to try it and you will be amazed how wonderful the CBD vapors relieves any chest discomfort. If the CBD juice is vaped at the optimal temperature, the oil is not burned; the one only creates the vapors that penetrated through the lungs and clear up the respiratory tract. Is probably closer to the effect of 10x, just getting into your system in a completely different way.

I’ve got a vaping pen called Smok Vape 22. It is not a high-end pen, but it does the job. One negative aspect of this kind of pen is that the coil it’s screwing straight to the battery, hence you cannot remove it when you’re done, and/or you are recharging the battery. Anyway, it’s not very expensive, I paid only $19.99.

I don’t know how others feel re vaping CBD, but this is my input. FYI: I have never vaped before, I don’t do nicotine or any other drugs. Have never done psychoactive stuff. I have smoked cigarettes as a younger person, but I quit a very long time ago (10+ years). Is like I have never smoke. I can’t stand now any type of tobacco smoke. CBD Vaping is totally different. Is no smoke, just oil vapor. I’m really glad I’ve got the CTFO CBD Vape!

CBD Vape by CTFO

– Laura Paris



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